New Concept in Beauty… B.B Cream from Garnier

You have no doubt seen the TV ad for this product – well it doesn’t seem to explain a lot including what exactly is B.B Cream? It is actually a Blemish Balm and a Miracle Skin Prefector. The perk of this product is that it is both a cream to help reduce blemishes as well as being a handy bottle of foundation!  While this seems like a new concept, apparently it has been around since the 1950s!

What baffles me the most is on the product itself it doesn’t mention much about what it does and allows images/PR to give you the inside scoop. But who can be bothered to troll the internet to find out? Well unlike other blogs who give a brief discription and tell you to go buy it, this blog will really tell you if a product is good/works or not!

I am just an average consumer who is battling with the adverts, so called beauty experts from the newspapers and other bloggers who are told what to write, to actually create a blog with tells you the simple truth whether a product works or not. Inevitably, people may disagree with the verdicts I give, but I honestly believe that the majority will agree. And why do I know this may you ask?

Well my aim is to product test products that claim one thing or another and actually report back to you if it does what it says on the tin! I am sick to death trying to work out if a product works or not and wasting precious money in finding out!

So now that you understand where I am coming from, back to my product testing on the Garnier B.B. Cream!

My Inital Perception: I bought this cream hoping it would work. I believe there are 2 shades;

– one fair

– one medium.

It has clearly been made to be mass-market rather than to apply to specified groups of people. In my opinion is it not fragrance free – it does, however, have a nice smell to it, almost quite sweet. Nothing like tanning products or overpowering moisturisers.

Product put to the test:

– I tried this cream on top of my make-up, late in the evening. My skin is beige/olive and so I choose medium. It has pink undertones (rather than yellow), but is definitely a medium, tanned brown. For anyone darker than Olive/Medium, I wouldn’t recommend this cream.

– I applied this to my face and it really does help to reduce blemishes and really does help to revitalise your face!  Although I wouldn’t say it lasted a really long time, say about up to 2 hours?

– I use it when I am out and about to give my face the ‘just re-applied my make-up but still natural looking’ look – good for when I have just finished work and about to go out for dinner and/or drinks

– its soft, at first you can tell its on your face, but after a bit its not as noticable

– the smell is the last thing you notice and even after awhile that fades too

– only thing I would say is its best to use an under-eye consealer with it too for under your eyes

Overall I would rate this product: 8/10 (1 point deducted as its not an exact colour match although this is not too noticable and another point as it only helps to reduce blemishes, does not rid them all – but what really does?!)

You can buy this product here (promise this is not me writing about something because I have been told to. Thought I would make it easy to provide a link!):

(If you liked this article, want to see more and would like to suggest any changes, please feel free to let us know!)

***image curtesy from:

I do not receive any commission or any money for any of these products that I review – they are genuine reviews


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