Nails Inc.. Is some of their nail polish really magnetic?

At least to my knowledge, nail polish use to be about picking a nice plain colour or applying some glittery sparkle to your finger nails. Now, nail brands are working to come up with new and different ways to paint your nails… who knew this could get so big??!

If you haven’t heard of them already, Nails Inc have been fiercely developing quaint and alternative concepts than just putting a splash of colour on. They have recently launched a magnetic polish which once you put it on, you can use a magnet to move the practicles in the polish, creating dark and light shades in a wave effect – cool hey? I certainly thought so, so here I put my testing skills… to the.. well.. test!

Intial Perception: It’s in a really cute bottle – I am a fan of the bottle style and packaging that Nails Inc have no doubt worked tirelessly to create. Each individual bottle comes with its own instructions on how to use.

Product put to the test:

– It was very easy to apply. Needed one bottom layer coat, which was quite thin and of course this had to dry before the next coat was applied.

– Immediately after applying the second coat, on the lid of the bottle was a magnet. It was easy to line up and all I had to do was hold it in place for 10-15 seconds. After this time, the darker shades took effect and I had a very cool pattern forming (see image below)

– It takes a bit of practice to get a perfect pattern, as I found out on my third try on one nail, which eventually didn’t even magnetise at all!

– Only negative is that the nail polish (no matter how many layers you put on) tends to peel off your fingers in a matter of days – however, if you are looking for a cool party trick on a night out, this is certainly for you!

Rated: 4/10 (It lost points on the fact that it peels off in a short space of time of 1 day and that it can be difficult to magnetise!)

Just a day later and the nail polish has started to chip – not good!

Like this product? You can purchase it from Nails Incdirectly:

I do not receive any commission or any money for any of these products that I review – they are genuine reviews


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