The cleansing range of Dermalogica

Endless products I have tried in the world of skincare and it took me almost 3 – 4 years to find the best solution!

I have tried the Simple range, Olay range,  a bit of Garnier and once Nivea! And these were just the ‘high street’ brands. None of them worked for me as I have quite sensitive skin. I don’t erupt in rashes or anything with these products, but when they are quite fragrant and are full of lots of ingredients, that I don’t understand, it never really helped to look after my skin, prevent blemishes or breakouts (not that I get many). My skin always felt dry or I would see my skin get a bit oily by the end of the day – I was very annoyed that these high street brands (that is face washes, toners, cleansers and moisturisers together) did not work for me.

I decided to try more premium brands as usually they ‘claim’ to work. So I tried Clinique. WOW!!!! One of my friends worked for Clinique and recommended it to me as she had done a course at her Head Office and told me the products worked like a treat. So I brought my very first premium branded skincare range! I had their 3 point skin system: the face wash, toner, cleanser and also their moisturiser. Spent around £40 – £50 at the time. For just over a year this seemed to work really well on my face – I was certainly very impressed! I even went back and had a make-up session with one of the counter ladies and bought some. Just after a year I ran out one day and due to lack of funds at the time I couldn’t buy any for a few weeks. Well, thats when I noticed a difference in my face; it wasn’t as smooth or blemish free as it was when I was using Clinique. So I bought some more knowing that it would still work. I was wrong. It didn’t work anymore! If anything, it made my skin feel worse – it dried it out and made my face oily, just like I wasn’t using anything! I also found out that the formulation they used was quite chemical based and actually, so I have been told, strips your skin which I really didn’t like the sound of! So I shopped around once again…

I thought I would try Niel’s Yard being an all natural ingredients company. I walked into a Neil’s Yard and a woman spent a good half an hour talking to me about which natural ingredients would help to remedy the combination skin I have. So bought into her claims on natural ingredients  and I went for their entire skincare routine. It was lavender base and included an actual oil to put on my face instead of a toner! More oil onto the oily areas on my face! The lady claimed that this would help as the oil toner would replace the oil I was needing that my skin was trying to replace. However after a few months of trying this it didn’t work at all. It made my face worse!

Finally I managed to stumble across Dermalogica. As skeptical as I was of another premium brands, I had read many reviews in favour or it. I had read reviews of Clinique before using it, so I was still a little skeptical of Dermalogica. I found out that only salons and similar boutiques sold Dermalogica and not high street brands which made me see this product differently. I went to my nearest salon that stocked Dermalogica and they went through a skin test to determine which of the products from the range would suit me. I was given the Special Cleansing Gel which meant I wouldn’t need to use a facial wash, some beauty serum (so didn’t need to use any toners or any heavy moisturisers) and was told to use a very light moisturiser (which they did recommend to me but I decided against it and brought a high street brand – Olay). The lady said I would start to see results in roughly 2 weeks. Well I must say, I really did see results. I was so impressed and so amazed at this product! It made my skin smooth, almost blemish free and lessened any skin irritation and breakouts.

I have been using Dermalogica for over a year now and I am so very glad to report that I will never go back to anything else. If there is anything I have learnt from hunting for good quality skincare is not to listen to those selling the product at counters and really to research the products and find out what others think of it to get to an informed choice. I ran out of the beauty serum quite awhile ago and my face is still benefiting from just using the Special Cleansing Gel which is great! While I did initially spend £80 on just the gel and beauty serum (the serum cost just over £60 itself, the gel was £20 – £25) I am still using the same bottle of Special Cleansing Gel that has now lasted me well over a year! I am only now starting to run out and I will be very happy to purchase another bottle shortly without any worries.

 curtsey of John&Ginger Beauty (

My Skin while using Dermalogica:

I am not suggesting that you should jump in and buy Dermalogica products, it’s best to go speak to someone who stocks the range as they have had training in identifying which of the range’s products would work best with your skin. I love it when I finally reach a solution and Dermalogica was my Cleansing Angel!

I would rate this product 10/10 – I really have not found a flaw with this to date!! Please let me know if you see any yourself!

**Dermalogica can help steer you into the right direction for the products that would be most suited to your skin through their skin mapping questionnaire: Click here to find out more and to find out where your nearest retailer is.

I do not receive any commission or any money for any of these products that I review – they are genuine reviews


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