Bodyshop’s face mist

Sick of winter chapped skin? So was I – badly – I would come out in wind burns and skin irritations every winter because, I am guessing, my skin was not use to the English brash cold (too use to Aussie temperatures!) So there I was with red patches across my sensitive face wishing I could find a way to help the dryness of my skin. The logical step I took was to alter my skincare routine and try other moisturising moisturisers! That did not work; if anything I am sure that it caused my face to become a bit too oily!

So I asked around – went to SpaceNK and they said I should use a face mist that has moisturising properties but so that my skin did not over produce oil. They, of course, offered me a £35 version.. or was it closer to £50… which actually had a layer of oil in it – I was not impressed with the price or the fact that I knew from previous experience products with actual facial oil made my face worse!

I have always noticed with my face that half way through the day I would see that my make-up was fading from my face, in particular, my foundation. This is a huge issue for all woman I am sure and equally an annoying one for me too. I was told that face mist help to prolong your make-up. I thought this was a great feature as I could use it part way through the day and by the end of it, it would still look like I had just put my make-up on!

Anyway, I went hunting down the highstreet and found one at the BodyShop for £10. BodyShop being very environmentally friendly and giving the impression that products are made from natural ingredients, I was happy to pay the price. So off I went with my new face mist in hand to try and see if it helped to bring mositure to my drying face and keep my make-up in place.

 image: curtsey of TheBodyShop

Inital Perception: This product looked quite appealing and the brand behind it, The Bodyshop, was one I could trust. It was also very easy to use (literally spray directly onto your face while your eyes are closed).

Feedback upon testing:

– This product felt nice on the face once you have sprayed. Although I did have to spray a few times on my face as, with your eyes closed, you didn’t quite hit all of your face (I guess this would depend on your aim!).

– It felt moisturising and while I tried not to spray too much, it didn’t feel very oily once on

– It was quite a refreshing feeling and actually perked me up a bit for a while

– I felt that by the afternoon (I did put it on in the mornings to help preserve my make-up!) my T-zones on my face looked shiny. Clearly adding more moisture to my combination face did not really help this – although it did stop it feeling dry

– As for holding my make-up in place, I felt that it did this to an extent although my make-up did fade after a little while, but held a lot longer than without it on. I really think it depends on the weather/temperature, what you’re doing that day and how much make-up you apply.

How would I rate this product? I would seriously rate this as a 5/10 – while it moisturised, it didn’t last all day long and made my face shiny (although if you had dry skin and not combination, I think it would be a good solution!) Although I really love the smell and feeling of this product and overall it does help to keep make-up on a bit longer than if you just left it!

Want to know more about the properties of this face mist or want to purchase it? Well you can buy it from The BodyShop

I do not receive any commission or any money for any of these products that I review – they are genuine reviews


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