L’oreal’s different approach to colour matching lipsticks

The shade of a lipstick could either make you or completely make you look stupid! It is such an important decision and at times I don’t think many people think about it very much. They just choose a colour and hope that it looks alright. I have done that so many times and most of the time I have brought the wrong shade and just ended up not using it. I eventually gave up trying to wear lipstick and resorted to lipgloss and lips moisturisers to provide some shine.

I thought all was lost….

Until very recently!

At work I have been working on lip shades for an upcoming product we are looking to launch. One of the brands I purchased was L’Oreal. In particular, I tried L’Oreal’s Range of colour matching lipsticks. It is quite a straight forward concept but a really good one and removes a lot of work on the part of the consumer. All you have to do is either match your skin colour/tone and/or hair colour with the lipsticks. The lipsticks actually state on them what skin/hair colours they ideally suit and Bob’s your uncle your sorted and it only takes 5 minutes to choose which of the shades that are meant to suit you, you like the best.

So here goes my verdict!!

The best way to show you is to take a before and after pictures of two colours I choose based on my skin colour and hair colour (I have olive skin and brown/blonde hair!).

So this is before:

This is the first colour I tested:

After I have put on 274:

2nd colour – 116:

After trying on 116:

I hope that you agree these colours actually suit my skin tone and hair colour!

I was so impressed with these lipsticks that…

I rate this product: 9/10! While the colour matching is made simple and provides amazing colours, sadly it doesn’t last a very very long time as it is lipstick… but that is the nature of this product so really you can’t be too unhappy with the results!

I would certainly recommend this!

If you would like to know more about these lipsticks or even purchase one, have a look at Boot’s website (click on Boot’s website) šŸ™‚

I do not receive any commission or any money for any of these products that I review – they are genuine reviews


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