L’Oreal Paris Voluminous False Lashes

I really like reading other beauty reviews and not only did this blogger like one of my posts, I had a good read of some of her articles and wow she knows how to write some amazing reviews! With pictures, she goes above and beyond for beauty so I have total respect for her blog! x


The first I heard of Fibre Lashes was when a lady at work told me about the Model Co. Fibre Lashes she had just brought. Fibre lashes? What Cave had I been living in?  The idea of getting that false lashes look without the glue and fiddling was intriguing. I have tried false eye lashes and I have failed miserably to the point where I made my eye lids raw *sob*

The Model Co Fibre Lashes were a little bit out of my price range especially for something that could turn out disastrous. So with the idea of Fibre Lashes I started googling my little heart out. L’Oreal Paris kept popping up with their own version of Fibre Lashes.

Now living in New Zealand there is a huge difference between what I find online and what I will find in stores. L’Oreal Paris NZ kept coming up with Lash Architect 4D, where as…

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