What is that in Soap & Glory’s eye cream?

I am sure most women and some men out there have tried the odd eye serum or cream to help fight against dark circles, puffiness and any redness. No one wants unsightly eyes and I feel exactly the same!

(Curtsey of lilbittydemon-stock.deviantart.com )

For quite awhile I was trying out a few free samples of eye serums and creams (the ones you usually get when you spend a certain amount of money on premium skincare brands!) They seeemed to be ok but I didn’t feel they did much for me. The one day I stumbled across Soap & Glory’s range of skincare products; including their “You won’t believe YOUR EYES” eye moisture system. When I read the back of the packaging I couldn’t believe the beauty secret to helping fight fatigue under your eyes… if you want to know exactly what it is, read on!

curtsey of Soap & Glory

This eye cream claims the following:

– Brightens tired eyes

– Instantly tightens

– Eases puffy eyes

Feedback to these claims:

1. It did brighten under my eyes – it has an almost purpley sparkle affect to it which seemed to play with the light and create an illusion and reduce the look of dark circles

2. It was instantaneous the way it tightened my eyes! And here is where the beauty secret lies… it has haemorrhoid cream in it! Apparently it has been a well kept beauty secret for models and celebrities alike! The active agent in it means it will tighten the skin’s surface. A doctor told me that the skin has no active memory and therefore once fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness sets in, you need a cream to help fight against it and reduce it for awhile (as creams/serums are not a permanent solution!).

3. I felt it didn’t 100% reduce puffiness but it had a good go at it! Again I believe this helped somewhat because of the active agent it has in it.

So why not just buy haemorrhoid cream? Well first I bet it is extremely embarrassing to purchase it, and secondly, while it is great to reduce lines and puffiness, it does nothing for dark circles.

I’d rate this product a good 6/10 – for me while it was good in the points above, I found that I was always needing to use it as the active agent in it wears off after a bit. Although a good thing about it is you can use it over make-up!

So if applying it a few times a day isn’t too much trouble for you, find out more about it here!

I do not receive any commission or any money for any of these products that I review – they are genuine reviews


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