The world of eye make-up removers… what works best for sensitive skin?

There are soooo many on the market and its difficult to deciper through them all and pick the right one for you… particuarly when they throw out numerous claims like “fragrance free” or “contains Vitamin E” – all of which could mean a bunch of things!

Since I have quite sensitive eyes, I have tried a few in my time (no i’m not old!!). I am making this post relatively short on the words, to provide you with more information on each of the products I have tried below, comparing each product, based on my experience, and commenting on whether I felt they worked or not. Finally I will give the product my usual rating criteria, followed by stating the overall winner – its like Which? but for beauty!


Product Name: L’Oreal Dermo Expertise Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover – 125ml – from £2

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 This was a great product to use (to begin with) as it managed to remove most of my eye make-up (and I wear black eye liner and black mascara, although not waterproof). After awhile, however, I started to react to the solution. I felt that it was too chemically and it seemed a bit alcoholic. I stopped this instantly! For sensitive skin, I didn’t feel that solutions like this really were for sensitive skin.

I rated it: 5/10 – while it initially seemed to work well, my bad reaction to it (and it may not be the same for everyone) and the fact that I felt, for sensitive skin at least, it is not the right solution to use. However, if you don’t have sensitive skin, it may just be a great little product for you!


 Product Name: Simple Kind to Eyes Conditioning Eye Make-up Remover – 125ml – from £3

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This was ok – it was not the best eye-make-up remover and again the solution wasn’t quite right for sensitive skin – although others may differ! I found that this didn’t work fully to remove my eye make-up. It would leave those dreaded ‘panda eyes’ and I would have to use it a good 2 – 3 times to remove it all. I found it also soaked into the cotton pad I was using and I would end up using a lot more.

I rated this: 3/10 – It just didn’t completely remove all my eye make-up which is the point of the product. Although it gets some thumbs up for not provoking a skin reaction from me!


Product Name: Champneys Sensitive eye-make-up remover £5

This stuff was amazing – really soft on your eyes, removed your make-up and was creamed based. However, it seems to be discontinued!!!! Ah no 😦 But most Champney’s products are very good, so if I was you i’d give it a go! Although the prices can be on the steep side a little!


Product Name: Olay Complete Care Eye Make-Up Remover Cream – 100ml – from £1

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This is a FANTASTIC eye-make up remover at an even more FANTASTIC price! All the goodness of premium, expensive eye make-up removers at a fraction of the price! It rids of most of your eye-make up (maybe a little bit of scrubbing) but none the less, this is an all rounded product and its cream based too! I would recommend this over the premium versions, its that good!

I would rate: 9/10 – while it is fantastic, it can take a go or two to remove any stubborn make-up – but this is only a very minor issue


Therefore our winner is: Olay Complete Care Eye Make-Up Remover Cream – 100ml

This eye make-up cream is available from Tescos, Boots, Superdrug, Sainsbury’s.. the usual for beauty cosmetics!

Let us know your eye-make up heros and zeros in the comments box below – we’d love to hear from you!


BlueBerryPeaches x

I do not receive any commission or any money for any of these products that I review – they are genuine reviews


6 thoughts on “The world of eye make-up removers… what works best for sensitive skin?

  1. I completely agree with you on the Simple one! It was not efficient at all and all the rubbing to remove the makeup was really not good for my sensitive eyes!

  2. Hi there I have been using “OLAY” for 1 year and it’s really awesome! I also use OLAY’S face wash. A makeup artist of a makeup school told me to use Olay for my sensitive skin and I am feeling really better after using it. I also can rate this product 9/10.

  3. Sensitive skin can create problem to the people who want to wear make up like other females. The set of information included in this post seems to be good news for girls that it becomes far easier to remove make up from their skin in an effective manner without creating side effects to their skin.

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