Soft hands make light work!

I am very particular when it comes to hand creams… they need to be moisturising enough but not too oily or sticky and most of all they cannot be drying in the slightest – never understood hand cream that dries your hands… defeats the purpose!

So I have tried quite a few as you can imagine. My favourite has always been this one:

 curtsey of

This is a great product although sometimes I found that it dried out my hands even though most of the time it was nourishing!

But this is no match for a new hand cream I have just tried:

curtsey of

This is FANTASTIC! It really is non greasy as it says it is and does seem to last on your hands quite awhile, although I wouldn’t say 24 hrs. It does last through a wash or two, although I tend to top up my hands after every wash anyway as my hands get pretty dry. It doesn’t leave your hands clammy or with that ‘sticky’ feeling nor has it felt drying. This has to be one of the best products for hands I have ever used! Worth every penny in my books with a resounding rating of 10/10!!!

Nothing more to say than why not check it out for yourself at

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