Concealing Bobbi Brown..

Every woman has a concealer from some cosmetic brand – its one of your tool-box essentials – that and some foundation of course! I use to work for one of the beauty retailers and so I use to test all the make-up including working out which concealer works the best!

So after many years of searching for a really good concealer, I finally stumbled across one, one day while I was out shopping. Now, I have been to Bobbi Brown before and tried one of their foundations – it was quite good, although I have moved onto another brand for my foundation (will review this later on!) I had just finished using a high-street brand and while it was alright, I found that most high-street versions dried a little under my eyes.

So there I was, sitting on a fancy high chair waiting of the make-up artist to ‘sell’ me their new eye concealer kit. They didn’t need to sell it to me at all – I loved it the moment it was applied! They put on a bottom ‘pinky/red’ layer which is meant to help correct the dark circle under your eyes as well as help to hide/eliminate redness/puffiness. Then a second layer goes on to hide the first layer (I know lots of hiding going on!) which is the same colour as your foundation to ‘blend in’ the concealer. And finally, there is a powder layer that goes on to help keep the first two layers in place (this is ‘colourless’).

 curtesy of Bobbi Brown

So far the first kit I used last me up to a year and I still really like using it. It doesn’t dry under my eyes and while I get a few fine lines (just comes with age!) it still is quite amazing! Only thing is you need some brushes to apply the concealer (as it doesn’t come with anything – maybe you can use your fingers, although I haven’t tried it yet!). I’d rate this a solid 8/10 – while it is fantastic, there is quite a few steps just to apply the concealer! Find out more by visiting bobbi brown!

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