My Beauty Secret

 curtsey of Aldin –

Every girl strives for perfect skin and I am certainly one of them! There is nothing worse than putting on make-up to blemish ridden and tired looking skin… I am sure you agree!

Magazines these days promote many different products to help with such problems, suggesting you should use 5 different ‘beauty regimes’ on your face just to achieve ‘flawless skin’. Many people are bought into this and I am just as guilty. Many times I have thought “oh wow that magazine has said this product is amazing… well it must be then”. I would go out of my way to make sure that the next time I was in Boots or Superdrug, I would pick up this ‘miracle’ product. After a few weeks I usually conclude that the product, that was so highly rated by a magazine, didn’t do a thing for me. So now I tread with caution as I turn to the ‘beauty sections’ of magazines, doing my homework to read reviews online.

Through all the complicated products that claim they ‘keep your skin young’ or ‘help reduce lines and wrinkles’ and even ‘will smooth out, hide and airbrush your face just like those celebs out there but without the surgery…’, there is one basic product that I have come across that does more for you.

Many anti-wrinkle creams and youth creams say they contain peptides or Vitamin E and have been reported in the media as not containing enough concentration of peptides, Vitamins or minerals to be effective enough (or it would have to be deemed a medical product). Whether these are right or wrong, I came across a very good beauty tip – it claims to be able to help reduce lines, wrinkles and improve the skin’s surface.

What is this magic miracle product you say? It is simply your run-of-the-mill, everyday MOISTURISER! Yes your moisturiser!!!! You must be thinking WHAT? SERIOUSLY?

Well yes I am serious! Moisturiser properties act as a filler and naturally fill the gaps of lines and wrinkles ‘puffing’ up (not like puffy eyes or anything – it’s an invisible puff) these areas to make your skin’s surface smooth. While it doesn’t last all day (maybe a few hours) it is said to be more affective than anti-wrinkle creams – so why buy into all the marketing about wrinkle creams that  are more expensive and are just moisturisers anyway and just stick to your best beauty friend… your daily moisturiser.

I just use moisturiser 2 times a day as you would normally (day and night). It doesn’t have to be the expensive ones at all. I have been using Olay’s and at the moment, Garnier’s!

 curtsey of  curtsey of

Oh yes, don’t forget to protect your skin further, make sure it has SPF in it!

This beauty tip I rate a 7/10 – while yes the moisturisers are a great way to help smooth out lines and wrinkles, it doesn’t last forever. It’s not 100% effective at eliminating but it really does help to reduce these problems (bonus as you need to moisturise your face anyway!)

All reviews are genuine – no commission is given for these reviews – links to websites are for your reference


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