Do these look fake?

Having beautiful nails is important. An immaculate hand with polished nails shows a woman takes care of herself and I couldn’t agree more. If you bite your nails or simply cannot grow your own there are other alternatives to nail polish! You could certainly go to a salon and spend £30 on an acrylic set or go to your local Boots or Superdrug and use the ones you glue on – although both are very damaging to your nails as they make them soft, brittle and weak.

Well I have stumbled onto an alternative – IMpress Nails! They claim to be the new revolutionary way to getting salon perfect manicure without the salon price tag. They look similar to the ones you get in Boots but you don’t use glue – instead they have sticker tabs which you peel off and stick down straight onto your finger nails – seems like a great idea! So I put them on in the morning, making sure I chose the correct size for each nail (its harder than it looks!), pressed really hard down onto each of my nails for a good 10 – 15 seconds and Bob’s your uncle, they seemed to stay on and felt they were gripping onto my nails (I tried to pull at them a little just to see how strong they are).

curtsey of

 curtsey of

However, and this is a big however, they started falling off just hours after I put them on. They would become loose and eventually they dropped off my nails, one by one. They were very disappointing and I had such hope for this new concept It seems as though the nail industry needs to find a new way to let these style of nails stick well to your finger nails without damaging them – next time hey?!

Overall I give these nails a 2/10 – while I love the concept, they just don’t work well enough – it might be you have to have a very wide nail that is as curvy as the actual nails you stick on. Good effort though – at least check them out if you have curvy nails – they may just work out for you 🙂

I did not receive any commission or any money for this review, this is my genuine opinion – links to websites are for your reference


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