Beautiful Serum from Soap & Glory!

For months I have had issues with my skin – in particular, dry patches, bumps/rashes (on my forehead), oily T-Zone and dreaded pimples! None of these are desirable at all and what makes it worse for me is I have combination skin. The more people I talk to about skin, the more I am finding that people have combination skin. It seems to me that combination skin is the hardest to try and tame as you need to find products that help to balance the oil your skin needs, to moisturising the dry areas on your face.

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I have always used a moisturiser, particularly for underneath my eyes (instead of using an eye serum/cream!). However for me, it never quite did all the jobs it needed to. It wouldn’t quite moisturise around and on my nose, cheeks and forehead (which for me is dry in the morning and by afternoon is shiny as anything!) and even though I would only put a little bit on my T-Zone/forehead to counteract the oil, it didn’t last and I ended up being very frastrated about it!

Last year I had a £50 moisturising serum from Dermalogica and I thought it was absolutely fabulous! It really did help to brighten my skin, tackle the dry patches on my face, keep the surface of my skin moisturised while counteracting the oil (it does this by providing enough moisturise to the area which lessened the amount of oil my skin needed to make throughout the day as it was moisturised enough – that is why you get so oily because your skin’s surface is trying to replenish moisture to the skin as it gets dried out and affected by humidity, pollution, etc ). It also helped to keep spots at bay too! So while I was in bliss using this serum, one day I ran out…just like that! I thought not much of it and went back to using basic moisturiser… bad choice!!

So back to my recent situation with my problem skin. I remembered the affect the  Dermalogica beauty serum had on my face and so I went hunting for a cheaper yet still quality version of the serum. I went into Boots and had a look at their No.7 range. They had one for around £16 which I thought was quite reasonable (reason I think this is because a beauty serum is a more concentrated moisturiser and yet feels quite light when you apply). While I thought the price tag was good, a sudden thought popped into my head. I have always been amazed at the quality of Soap & Glory’s products, so I went over to the Soap & Glory section in Boots to see if they stocked a beauty serum – whatcha know, they had a beauty serum for only £14 called Make Yourself Youthful (cheaper than No.7!). I decided to purchase it and use it to see if it would dramatically change my skin’s surface…… I bet you are wondering if it did or not…. or maybe you have already guessed?!

Well you probably did guess it (!)… this product had dramatically changed the surface of my skin. My skin is now so smooth and the serum has really tackled the dryness and oilness of my skin, by balancing the areas nicely. While yes, I do get some shine in the afternoon, it is nothing compared to before – your skin will, after all, create oil. As for the pimples, they are on the way out!

The Product Claims – does this product meet the claims it makes?

‘Packed with collagen-boosting PENTAPEPTIDES, proven wrinkle-smoother- DELINER’ – well I won’t be able to comment on this until I am well into my 50s, however, collagen is known to help fill in wrinkles, fine lines and smooth out the skin’s surface. Touching my face right now, it’s as smooth as a baby’s skin would be!

– ‘Secret, circulation stimulating organic OXYGEN COMPLEX’ –  If you read articles online, oxygen is the new ingredient in beauty – it is meant to provide the right amount of moisturiser to the skin’s surface and my skin is more balanced than ever – it really does compliment and work well with combination skin.

– ‘helps to re-energise tired skin, smooth surface imperfections’ – yes, my skin is a lot brighter and even my blemishes have reduced!

– ‘refine pores, recalibrate uneven skin tone’ – I think my pores are the same (small) but my skin tone has definitely evened up in places which actually helps reduce the appearance of pores anyway.

– ‘brighten, tone and tighten, while acting as a light-medium nightly moisturiser’ – yes I can’t stop mentioning how much more brighter my skin is! Although, I don’t think it completely tightens my skin, but it makes it feel comfortable instead. As for night moisturiser, I actually use it both day and night – but I don’t use heaps in the morning!

Here, direct from Soap & Glory’s website is the How to use instructions:


Morning or evening, smooth 2-3 pumps of Make Yourself Youthful™ onto well-cleansed skin: face, neck, even the back of your hands, if they’ve kind of ‘had it’. If your skin is dry, follow with your regular day or night moisturizer.”
– I do use it with a day moisturiser, which I lightly apply (like very lightly!)
So my rating for this product is a serious 10/10 !!!!!!! I love this so much I am now very loyal to the beauty serum! This is certainly my product of the MONTH! Why not read more about it and give it a try yourself?!
I did not receive any commission or any money for this review, this is my genuine opinion – links to websites are for your reference

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