What I took on holiday #1 Hair styling

Hi dolls,

When going on holidays, I can obviously not pack my whole bathroom, I have to stick to my “must have” products. I recently went abroad and it was a great way to make me realise that there are indeed a few products that I cannot live without. Today I am going to present you my two favourite hair styling products . I have been using them for 5 years at least.

I should precise that I have shoulder length curly hair and that as many other curly hair owners, I have to deal with dry hair and avoid frizziness as much as possible. Do not get me wrong, I looooooove my curly hair and never straighten it (even after going to the hairdressers, I ask to leave the salon with curly hair).

favourite holiday haircare (c) PeachyLau
favourite holiday haircare (c) PeachyLau

Featured on the left: L’Oreal – ELVIVE Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Serum. This product is called a “serum” but to me it is more of an oil as the texture is a bit runny. I have been using this for years. I find it perfect to tame the frizziness and nourish my hair at the same time, without any product build up.  It is lightly scented. I usually use it every morning in between shampoos. One or two pumps is more than enough for my hair. It is very reasonably priced, between £4.50 and £5.00, depending on the retailer and the offers. This product can be found at your local supermarket, Boots or Superdrugs. For our French readers, you can also easily find this product at the supermarket or in Monoprix.

I rate this product 9/10. I do not put it a 10/10 because I think it could be slightly more nourishing.

Our guest start on the right is: Umberto Giannini Scrunching Curl Friends Jelly.

Curl jelly (c) PeachyLau
Curl jelly (c) PeachyLau

As indicated by its name, it is a jelly. It has the consistency of a jelly and a light pink colour. The smell is quite “manly” in the sense that it is not sweet and reminds me of aftershave. No worries, it is not long lasting at all and you can not smell it after a few minutes.  A bit more than double the amount pictured on the left is enough for my hair. I use this product on wet hair after washing it. I turn my wet hair upside down, rake a small amount through and then scrunch upwards before leaving my hair to dry naturally. It keeps my curls much neater and not at all frizzy. In the long term this product can dry out the hair  a bit. I counteract this by using a good hair mask (more on that later) and the L’Oreal – ELVIVE Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Serum.  So far I have only found this product in Boots . It is £4.79 for the full size product, pictured above is just the travel size one. I do not think that this product can be found in France.

I rate this product 9/10. I do not give it the full mark because of its slightly drying effect.

I have TONS of hair products but it is true that I have these two products in triplicate: 1 bottle of each at home, my gym bag and at my boyfriend’s. Crazy I know.

See you soon for another  post on the rest of my holiday toiletries.

xx PeachyLau

I did not receive any commission or any money for this review, this is my genuine opinion – links to websites are for your reference


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