What I took on holiday #2 Makeup

Holiday makeup (c) PeachyLau
Holiday makeup (c) PeachyLau

1 Sephora Pinceau poudre XL 49 I cannot remember how much I paid for this brush, probably 20€ with my Sephora discount. It seemed like a lot at the time but it has been a very good investment. It really makes a difference to have a good powder brush. I have washed it many times and its shape is still very good. 10/10

Pinceau Blush Biseauté n°40. Same comment as above, a good makeup brush can definitely take your makeup to the next level. I really like this brush and have been really impressed by its quality. 10/10

L’Oreal Lash Architect Mascara 4D I really like this mascara. It is very black, which is a big bonus. It really defines the lashes without clumping them. The brush is quite fine and allows to reach all your lashes, even the bottom ones. It gives great length, curve, volume….hang on it does what it promises to do!! I have already bought this 3 times and when you see all the different mascaras out there, it means a lot. 10/10

4 Natural Collection eye white eye pencil. I love putting some white eye pencil in the inside of my lower-lid. I think that it really widens my eyes and makes me look more awake. I bought this one from Boots. I cannot find the link but it was very cheap. E.L.F also sells a cheap one. 10/10

L’Oreal – Color Appeal Eyeshadow Platinum Beige. I think this is the only eye shadow I have been wearing for the past year. I apply it with my finger, it is very long lasting and I just love the colour. 10/10

6 Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on – Fair My biggest make-up challenge is to cover my dark circles. Problems is that I also have fine lines under my eyes.  Really thick and covering concealer always end up going into my fine lines after a couple of hours which in my opinion looks worse than having dark circles. This concealer is a fairly good compromise. It brightens the under-eye area and does not migrate into my fine lines. However it is not covering enough to my liking but it is the best I have found so far. It is easy to apply and to blend. I do not think that the caffeine in the formula does anything to my under eye as I use this every morning and have not seen any improvement. I rate this 8/10 as it is the best for me, despite not being covering enough. If you have any good ender eye concealer to suggest, please let me know in the comment section 🙂

Garnier Garnier Pure Active 2in1 Tinted Spot Roll-on Fair Skin Tone 15ml I really like the idea of treating and concealing blemishes at the same time. When I have a few spots like I had before going on holiday, I use this concealer instead of the Collection 2000 one. The fair colour suits my skin tone and I think this really helps drying out any blemishes. It is better to powder it a bit after as it is not the most long lasting concealer. As far as I know this only exists in 2 colours, fair and medium which is disappointing. I had originaly bought the medium one which ended up being really dark for me. One of the things I do not like about this product is that as it is not makeup, there are no testers in retailers so you cannot judge very well if the colour suits you or not. At £10 a tube, it is quite an expensive mistake. However, if the colour matches you skin, I think it is a very good product. Because of the lack of testing and colour range which coasted me money I only put 6/10 but put it this way, I will buy it again in “Fair” once I finish this one.

8 Benefit Sugar Bomb Blush. I really like this blush. It blends really well and the final colour is a nice light coral-pink. It is quite shimmery. It is OK at the moment as my skin is still quite pale. I however feel that I will need something a bit more pigmented when I get a little tan 9/10.

Sugarbomb, Benefit (c) PeachyLau
Sugarbomb, Benefit (c) PeachyLau

Sephora Poudre Matifiante Compacte This powder is not as mattifying as I would like it to be. However I really like that is it a bit tinted and even though it does not have any coverage, I feel that it evens my skin tone and allows the concealer to last longer. I really wish they had Sephora in the UK.  7/10 for this product. Do you have a good mattifying powder to recommend?

What’s in your holiday makeup bag?

xx PeachyLau

I did not receive any commission or any money for this review, this is my genuine opinion – links to websites are for your reference


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