Gel my nails up BABY!

I have been striving for pretty nails for such a long long time. I hate acrylics as they are damaging and make your nails very soft which means they become brittle and break so easily. Also, just going for a manicure and have some colour, while nice at the time, disappointment comes quickly when the nail polish they applied starts chipping off. So when Gels and Schallac Nails came on the scene I became interested!

I first found out from a friend when she came over and showed me her nails and told me that they wouldn’t chip or come off for 2 weeks! While that was quite a long time for nail polish, for £45 to get a set on, I thought it was very expensive. One day I did find a nail salon which did it for £25 so I went in and had my first experience of it – wow was I impressed! It lasted 3 weeks the first time and also 4 weeks the second time (it seems as though my nails didn’t grow as fast the second time around). One thing that really did bother me was the cost of getting them done – £20 – £25 each time to get them taken off and to re-do them, every 2 – 3 weeks felt like a lot of money (approx. £600 a year just for beautiful nails!)

So I started thinking about how I could keep this up but without paying out loads and I found a solution – D I Y!!! I’ll do it myself! At home kits are becoming available, Boots sell a version called Sensationail which uses a LED light (rather than UV light) and that seemed to work ok (my friend tried it, but said just coming up to two weeks, it started chipping). I used a version called Perfect Match from Le Chat Nails (professional nail care). The process didn’t take long (up to 30minutes the first time I tried it) and the results were brilliant! I still have them on and for a first go, I think they came up alright!

curtsey of Le Chat Nails

This is the finished product I tired with this kit:

I rate this concept a big 10/10 but if you are conscious on cost, then I would get an at home kit, starting prices roughly £60+ and comes with a UV/LED Light 🙂 – at home kits I would rate a 8/10 because it will never rate up to professionals, but they are damn good!

I did not receive any commission or any money for this review, this is my genuine opinion – links to websites are for your reference


3 thoughts on “Gel my nails up BABY!

  1. It looks really good and there seem to be plenty of colours to choose from! How easy is it to remove though, and what do you use? x

  2. Make sure to do your homework on the gel polishes you should go for – Schallac (or CND) is the best for weaker nails I was told by professionals and gels for those more stronger (there are more and more at home kits for gel nails now!) x

    To remove all you need is acetone! Just soak your fingers in a bowl for 5 – 10mins of acetone or soak cotton wool in acetone and apply to each finger, wrapping each finger in foil for 10 – 15mins. Then it should just scrap off easily with a wood nail stick! x

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