My best beauty secret is…. my Decleor skincare routine!

Skin is very temprimental and I am more unfortunate than most as I suffer with sensitive combination skin. Over many years I have tried quite a few skincare products. From some of the high street versions like Simple and Olay to the more premium end of the market like Clinque and Dermalogica. After so many years of trying different products from these brands I cam across the best so far… Decleor!


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I was having a lovely facial in Champney’s and the facial I chose was a Delceor one. The lady started to ‘sell’ the Decleor products to me and I thought oh gosh here we go again… can’t I just have a spa treatment in peace without her trying to sell to me? As she started her spill on Decleor, she said something pretty interesting about what it could do that no other brand had ever claimed. She said that all the ingredients are naturally derived. Quite a few of them are and that’s not what caught my attention.

At the time I had some blemish issues and pimples on my face – not too noticeable but very annoying for me. I had always suffered with a couple of pimple here and there and I put it down to not drinking enough water, oily skin and hormone changes taking place. One thing I could control is the oiliness of my skin and its appearance, using beauty products. So back to what the lady told me, she mentioned a Decleor product called ‘Aroma night’. It is a balm to be used at night, which helps to restore, re-hydrate and reduce redness and blemishes of the skin. Not only could it look to help reduce or even rid of these problems, the lady told me she had a scar on her hand. After approximately 2 – 3 weeks of using a very small amount of the aroma night on her scar, it actually started to disappear. It was something about the way she told me this and the genuineness plus an offer on a sample pack, which meant I walked out of that spa with some of Decleor’s products. It included the Cleaning Milk, Toner, a neroli essential oil (to put on the face), a light moisturiser and the aroma night balm she had told me about. My skin at the time was also feeling really nice, having just had a facial with Decleor products; I decided to give it a go.

Never have I or will I ever look at another skincare brand again! Decleor has an exceptional range of outstanding products that my sensitive skin has not reacted to, that has seen my blemishes reduced, redness too and those pimples I was having? ALL GONE. Obviously getting older actually sorts out the pimples, particularly when it is hormonal, but I really do believe Declecor contributed to my wonderful skin. I use just 3 products from Decleor twice a day (morning and night) to ensure a smooth complexion:

Decleor Aroma Cleanse Essentia Cleansing Milk 200ml –  Decleor’s description of this product is as follows: “A light-textured lotion perfect for cleansing and make-up removal on all skin types. Our paraben-free forumula contains Neroli Essential Oil to protect, repair and fight dehydration, leaving skin moisturised and radiant plus Sweet Almond Oil to help soften, smooth and bring comfort to the skin.”


When used to the instructions, twice a day, this product is a winner for me. It gave me soft skin, cleaned off all of my make up and my skin never feels dry after using. It also contains neroli, an essential oil, which helps to treat skin exposed to stress and is a good hydrator. I would rate this product seriously as a 9/10. The reason it is not a 10 is it doesn’t quite get all of the make up off, particularly black eye liner, but it only ever leaves a little bit behind and the remaining comes off with the toner or the next morning when I re-clean my face with the cleansing milk.Reasonably priced for a premium skin product, its available at £20.

They have a couple of toner options and I started off with one of them, but eventually switched to this one – Decleor Aroma Cleanse Fresh Matifying Lotion (toner) – Delecor states that this is a “A fresh lotion which tones, purifies and mattifies combination to oily skin. This paraben-free toner contains Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to help purify and balance the skin, Papaya Extract with its exfoliating properties helps to refine the skin and Mineral Powders to absorb excess sebum leaving a matte finish.”


This toner has a different essential oil in it – Ylang Ylang (more below on this!). I believe using this toner once in the morning and once in the evening is why my skin is the best it can be – well hydrated, smooth, clean and moisturised. Once applied, this too doesn’t dry my skin out or make it feel dry and I believe this is down to the essential oil they use. They must use a slightly higher concentration of essential oils in their products than most other brands, because I do receive the best benefits from this skincare routine. I would rate this product an outstanding 10/10!! I really cannot fault it – it works perfectly with my combination skin!

Finally from the Decleor range, I also use this product twice a week (I use it as part of my morning skincare routine) – Decleor Aromessence Ylang Ylang Super Serum – It is perfect for oily skin – finally a way to control the oil! Decleor say the serum’s “…Essential Oils purify the epidermis, reducing excess sebum and closing the pores. It is a real efficiency booster for the Aroma Purete Shine Control Oxygenating Fluid’


All I do is put a little on my hands and pat it around the entirety of my face and neck. It helps for any moisturisers you put on afterwards to seep into the skin better.

So literally when I step out of the shower I use the cleansing milk, the toner and then the serum before I then moisturise and that’s IT! You don’t need to use water directly onto your face, which is great thing for combination skin. You simply put on the cleansing milk with your hands, wipe it off with a cotton pad (with some water on the pad for ease!). You then put a little bit of the toner onto a cotton pad (and a little water onto the cotton pad too, to help spread it around your face easily) wiping the pad around the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Then use any moisturiser! I use an Olay moisturiser in the form of a beauty serum as it is light and provides me with enough hydration without then becoming oily. Twice a week I think use the Ylang Ylang essential oil super serum.

If buying the full versions of these is too much for a first try, seriously grab a sample pack or even get some free samples from your local department store (like John Lewis) and give it a go. Everyone I know who uses Decleor raves about it and would never use anything else again! I sure won’t! I could try and talk about it all day, but its just better if you try it for yourself and see the results!

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I did not receive any commission or any money for this review, this is my genuine opinion – links to websites are for your reference


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