Where is the intelligent writing for the modern woman?

Visiting my local newsagents and browsing the range of magazines on sale targeted specifically at women, it dawned on me just how wrong the media are on what they think women want to read.

Looking at the titles on offer you have highly tailored fashion magazines, home & lifestyle magazines and also the gossip magazines. This is literally how the media industry view the interests of women – we either want to see pretty pictures of clothing none of us will really wear, or that we are only really interested in the domestication of life or that we are only interested in what the next unfortunate Z-lister celebrity is doing.

Where is the intelligent reading? Where is the mixture of witty, talent and some fashion & gossip? Why is it really just one or the other? Even when one of these categorised magazines feature intelligent or thought provoking articles, it is usually 1 or 2 pieces in a magazine and it doesn’t really challenge pre-existing perceptions or invokes passion for thought that makes you want to take action. Its like they are too scared in case they offend or worse, say something politically incorrect. I am not saying magazines should be doing these, but there isn’t much substance. Where has all the intelligent conversation gone from magazines? Were they even there?

If I want to be able to learn something new or get a real understanding of the world or learn someone else’s perspective, along with some fashion, gossip, lifestyle, travel, etc, there aren’t many titles out there which does this. As people become more aware and more informed, thanks to the growing ways in which you can learn new information, women have, along with men, generally become much more interested in more than who is fat or who is thin. Access to interesting information means we can explore and talk about more than just what style of clothing was featured on the runway last week or why white decor is the new trend in home living. Isn’t it time we are exposed to a new type of magazine/publication which offers more fuel for the mind as well as what appeals to our sense of lifestyle and celebrity interest?

We are modern women from all walks of life, interested in more than just one type of thing. Give us more of everything – challenge us and stop thinking we only care about one thing in our lives. We are ready to be exposed to and learn something new everytime we turn the page. Stop thinking we are partial to just one thing in life when we read – we are more complex and challenging than you’ve ever given us credit for!

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