Fashion: Style vs comfort

This is a constant dilemma for me and I am sure it is for many other women out there too – dressing for the latest fashion trend vs dressing for comfort – can you really have both?



I am fashion conscious. I like fashion, I like trends and I like to dress to the newest thing hitting the high street. Well I did. In a couple of years I will be 30 and I can’t help but think more about dressing comfortably. I really want to maintain a stylish look but i’d really like to be comfortable. Gone are the days of high heels (I barely wear them now), short skirts and low cut tops. I am much more concerned with how comfortable I feel and I am less worried about how fashion forward I look (although I still care about whether or not I look good!)

Fashion has got me thinking, are we all just well dressed sheep following a style dictated to us as a ‘must have’ wardrobe created by an industry that has a warped view on body image?! Do we need to empower ourselves to see that comfort can still be stylish?

I am heading to a party soon – do I dress to impress or do I dress stylish and classy but as comfortable as hell? I am certainly aiming for the latter. It might be because I am getting older, however I can’t help but take note of a change in the fashion air – it seems as though the high street has heard me and has brought to the market a more demure look that is stylish but comfortable. It might have been here all along and I was too sheep-like to notice, but if this is the way Fashion trends are going, I am getting on board!

Thanks to this more demure look and my ever changing tastes, I have managed to find a dream statement piece to wear to this party – the tulle skirt.

image4xxl – needle & thread tulle skirt

However, finding the right top to wear that allows me to be comfortable and stylish has been the challenge and I am lucky to have found 2 tops which may just work:

The thin striped long top – provides a degree of warmth to a party which is based mainly outdoors in the middle of winter. It’s stylish and seems to suit the tulle skirt well. The material is cotton so will that then detract from the smart/casual nature of this party I am attending (its an anniversary party)? The only thing I can’t seem to find is an appropriate jacket or coat to wear with this so if I get really cold, it will be all about rocking the style rather than being comfortable.



This is a silky feeling top which is light grey and suits the tulle skirt perfectly. However, it doesn’t have any sleeves so I will freeze instantly. I have a coat that will go with it so I will be warmer, but this top is more of an under-stated look when I wear the coat. so therefore it will be less about the style and more about keeping the coat on to keep me warm!




Fashion is a tricky beast to get right and our real reasons for the style we choose is down to how we want the world to view us – it is our statement piece for creating the first impression; the foundation to build our credibility on before we have even opened our mouths!

Help me out and let me know which top you think works better for a party look – the more opinions I get the better!


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